Blue Movie Grooves 2002

by Jamie Azzopardi

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It seems like I told pretty much everyone that came within 10 feet of me during the early '00s that once upon a time I made up some music for non-existent porno films. Yes, I really was that interesting back then. Few got to experience the actual sonics though, unfortunately. Anyway- as of today ALL THAT CHANGES!! Yes, the nostalgic/archive plundering madness continues with this release, which consists of the original "Porn Music..." MIDI 'trilogy' from spring 2002, plus a brand new stretch of surging, pulsing power drone made up of heavily modified elements from said trilogy, plus other bits and pieces rescued from stray floppy disks in 2001/2002.


released August 15, 2013



all rights reserved


Shack in the Barley Productions Blackpool, UK

Shack in the Barley Productions is a small-scale private press label set up in 2004 by Jamie Azzopardi to release music by his project The Golden Gonk and all its related offshoots (Fornicating Fog, Hot-Headed Spectres, The Ice Cream Kids, Monochrome Serpent, Pigeons From Christ etc), as well as music by friends and other like-minded projects. ... more

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